Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

Open Call #1

The first ELG open call was closed on April 30, 2020. In total, 110 project proposals were accepted for evaluation with applicants for 29 countries.

We received slightly more project proposals from SMEs (62) than research organisations (48). The majority of the proposals focused on contributing resources, services, tools, or data sets to the European Language Grid platform to increase its coverage (79), while there are 31 proposals developing applications using language resources and technologies available in the ELG platform.

The ELG Pilot Board has selected 10 projects, amounting to a funding sum of EUR 1,363,915 in total. The selected projects are currently running and should deliver their results by July 2021.

The whole ELG team is excited about this enormous interest in the European Language Grid and the Language Technology topic in general. Congratulations to all successful applicants!

Selected projects

Organisation Project Title Country Funding awarded
Fondazione Bruno Kessler European Clinical Case Corpus Italy EUR 139,370
Lingsoft, Inc. Lingsoft Solutions as Distributable Containers Finland EUR 140,625
Coreon GmbH MKS as Linguistic Linked Open Data Germany EUR 167,375
Elhuyar Fundazioa Basque-speaking smart speaker based on Mycroft AI Spain EUR 117,117
Universita’ Degli Studi di Torino Italian EVALITA Benchmark Linguistic Resources, NLP Services and Tools […] Italy EUR 126,125
University of Helsinki Open Translation Models, Tools and Services Finland EUR 154,636
Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna Extracting Terminological Concept Systems from Natural Language Text Austria EUR 132,977
University of Turku, Turku NLP research group Textual paraphrase dataset for deep language modelling Finland EUR 166,085
Weber Consulting KG Virtual Personal Assistant Prototype Austria EUR 87,445
FZI Research Center for Information Technology Streaming Language Processing in Manufacturing Germany EUR 132,160

The first rejected proposal has received 273 out of 360 points. Learn more about the evaluation criteria here.

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