Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

Call for Evaluators

ELG is looking for external evaluators to evaluate project proposals submitted in the open calls for the pilot projects.

The proposal template is simple and the evaluation procedure is set to be lightweight. Project proposals will be max. 10 pages long, including title page and formalities. We estimate the evaluation of single project to last approx. 1 hour. Evaluators will receive a fee of EUR 40 per one evaluated project. We expect each evaluator to be assigned to 4 – 8 projects for evaluation.

This is a continuous call for evaluators, and it will remain open as long as needed; applicants can select the call (first or second call or both) they would like to evaluate. 

How does it work? External evaluators will work remotely via a dedicated web interface (ELG Open Calls Platform) and will be responsible for evaluating the project proposals. Evaluators will be routinely selected from the pool to ensure that no conflict of interest exists with their evaluator activity. Consequently, evaluators will be asked to sign a non-conflict of interest and confidentiality agreement, before being accepted to perform the task.
Who can apply? Professionals with experience in language technologies are welcome to apply.
The following eligibility criteria apply:
  • Evaluators should not be part of the ELG project consortium.
  • Individuals from ELG project consortium institutions who are not officially assigned to and financially supported by the ELG project are eligible to apply.
  • Evaluators will be asked to sign a non-conflict of interest agreement, before being accepted to perform their task on a project proposal. A conflict of interest exists if an evaluator:
  ○ was involved in any way in the preparation of the proposal or submitted the proposal itself
  ○ stands to benefit directly or indirectly if the proposal is accepted
  ○ has a close family or personal relationship with the applicant or the applicant’s organisation
  ○ is a director, trustee or partner or is in any way involved in the management of the applicant’s organisation
  ○ is employed or contracted by the applicant’s organisation or any named subcontractors
  ○ has submitted a proposal in response to the same call
Who will be
Candidates will be asked to submit an application together with their CV; the application will be evaluated upon the following criteria:
  • Have a strong demonstrated expertise in an area relevant to ELG;
  • Previous experience as an evaluator (e.g. for the European Commission, other funding authorities) is desirable;
  • Selection of evaluators will include criteria to establish balanced representation:
  ○ Geographical balance
  ○ Gender balance
  ○ Domain expertise balance
Contact for evaluators
If you have any queries regarding the evaluators role, please get in touch with us at