Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe


The ELG-SHARE Metadata Schema is used for the description of all entities included in the European Language Grid catalogue, i.e., Language Technology Resources, both non-functional (corpora, lexica, terminologies, models, etc.) and functional (tools and cloud-based services), as well as entities related to them and involved in Language Technology at large, such as persons, organizations, projects, documents and licences.
The schema is implemented in the form of an XSD with metadata elements and values linked to the META-SHARE and OMTD-SHARE ontologies.
Following the dynamic ELG platform development process, and feedback from users, the schema will be continuously updated until the finalization of the platform (June 2021); please, come back to check updates.

Full schema – documentation

A human-readable documentation in HTML format is available here.


Direct links to sub-schemas for:

Full schema – XSD

The ELG-SHARE XSD is available here.


Examples are provided at the ELG portal here.

  • Corpus
    • Metadata record for a monolingual corpus (in XML and JSON format)
    • Metadata record for a parallel corpus (in XML and JSON format)
  • Tool/Service
    • Metadata record for Annie NE (in XML and JSON format)
    • Metadata record for Cogito Discover Semantic annotator (in XML and JSON format)
    • Metadata record for CymrIE (in XML and JSON format)
    • Metadata record for Tilde TTS (in XML and JSON format)
  • Organization
    • Academic institution (in XML and JSON format)
    • SME (in XML and JSON format)
  • Project (in XML and JSON format)