Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

META-FORUM 2020: Programme

The second annual ELG conference


Piloting the European Language Grid

Virtual ZOOM conference (hosted from Berlin, Germany)

Berlin Alex

1 December 2020 – META-FORUM 2020 Day 1

Session 1: Opening
09:00 Welcome and Introduction
  • Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany; Coordinator ELG and General Secretary of META-NET)
  • Jan Hajič (Charles University, Czech Republic; Chair of the META-NET Executive Board)
09:15 Opening Keynote Speech
  • Patrick Breyer (Member of the European Parliament)
09:30 Opening Keynote Speech
  • Yvo Volman (acting Director, Directorate G, DG CONNECT, European Commission)
  • ELG – Broad overview
  • ELG – Language Technology, Services and Resources
  • ELG – Platform
  • Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany)
  • Kalina Bontcheva (University of Sheffield, UK)
  • Stelios Piperidis (ILSP, R.C. “Athena”, Greece)
10:30 Virtual Coffee Break
Session 2: ELG Open Calls & Pilot Projects
10:45 ELG Open Call #1 and Open Call #2 – A brief overview of the two open calls
  • Jan Hajič (Charles University, Czech Republic)
  • Lukáš Kačena (Charles University, Czech Republic)
  • Jana Hamrlova (Charles University, Czech Republic)
11:00 ELG Pilot Project: European Clinical Case Corpus
  • Bernardo Magnini (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy)
11:05 ELG Pilot Project: Lingsoft Solutions as Distributable Containers
  • Michael Stormbom (Lingsoft, Inc., Finland)
11:10 ELG Pilot Project: MKS as Linguistic Linked Open Data
  • Michael Wetzel (Coreon GmbH, Germany)
11:15 ELG Pilot Project: Basque-speaking smart speaker based on Mycroft AI
  • Igor Leturia Azkarate (Elhuyar Fundazioa, Spain)
  • Josu Aztiria (Elhuyar Fundazioa, Spain)
11:20 ELG Pilot Project: Italian EVALITA Benchmark Linguistic Resources, NLP Services and Tools
  • Viviana Patti (Universitá Degli Studi di Torino, Italy)
11:25 ELG Pilot Project: Open Translation Models, Tools and Services
  • Jörg Tiedemann (University of Helsinki, Finland)
11:30 ELG Pilot Project: Extracting Terminological Concept Systems from Natural Language Text
  • Dagmar Gromann (University of Vienna, Austria)
11:35 ELG Pilot Project: Textual paraphrase dataset for deep language modelling
  • Filip Ginter (University of Turku, Finland)
11:40 ELG Pilot Project: Virtual Personal Assistant Prototype
  • Franz Weber (Weber Consulting KG, Austria)
11:45 ELG Pilot Project: Streaming Language Processing in Manufacturing
  • Dominik Riemer (FZI Research Center for Information Technology, Germany)
12:00 Project Expo
13:30 End of META-FORUM 2020 Day 1

2 December 2020 – META-FORUM 2020 Day 2

Session 3: European Language Equality (ELE)
09:00 Introducing the upcoming EU project
European Language Equality (ELE)
  • Andy Way (Dublin City University, Ireland; Coordinator ELE)
  • Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany; Co-coordinator ELE)
  • Jan Hajič (Charles University, Czech Republic)
  • Stelios Piperidis (ILSP, R.C. “Athena”, Greece)
  • German Rigau (University of the Basque Country, Spain)
Session 4: News from the Language Communities
09:30 Reports from selected ELG National Competence Centres (NCCs)
  • Marko Turpeinen (1001 Lakes, Finland)
  • Walter Daelemans (University of Antwerp, NCC Belgium)
  • Svetla Koeva (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, NCC Bulgaria)
  • Maciej Ogrodniczuk (Polish Academy of Sciences, NCC Poland)
  • Marta Villegas (Barcelona Supercomputing Center, NCC Spain)
  • François Yvon (LIMSI/CNRS, NCC France)
  • Moderator: Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany)
10:45 Project Expo
Session 5: European AI Initiatives and Language-centric AI Initiatives
  • AI4EU

  • HumanE-AI-Net
  • BDVA and AI PPP
  • ELG
  • Patrick Gatellier (Thales, France)
  • Joachim Köhler (Fraunhofer IAIS, Germany)
  • Yiannis Kompatsiaris (CERTH, Greece)
  • Paul Lukowicz (DFKI, Germany)
  • Holger Hoos (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)
  • Laure Le Bars (SAP, Germany)
  • Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany)
  • Moderator: Jan Hajič (Charles University, Czech Republic)
12:30 Project Expo
13:30 End of META-FORUM 2020 Day 2

3 December 2020 – META-FORUM 2020 Day 3

Session 6: ELG and the European LT industry
09:00 European Language Technology companies present themselves and their specific needs, demands and wishes towards the ELG
  • Chair and moderator: Gerhard Backfried (SAIL LABS, Austria)
  • Andreas Rath (Ondewo, Austria)
  • Julius Rusnak (Deloitte, Czech Republic)
  • Tomas Moser (PreWave, Austria)
  • Arno Scharl (webLyzard, Austria)
  • Alexander Siebert (Retresco, Germany)
  • Luca Dini (Innoradiant, France)
  • Martin Volk (TextShuttle, Switzerland)
  • Daniel Vila-Suero (Recognai, Spain)
  • Guy De Pauw (Textgain, Belgium)
10:15 Project Expo
Session 7: Sustainability of European LT Projects
11:15 Sustainability of the European Language Grid and other related projects
  • Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany)
  • Thierry Declerck (DFKI, Germany)
  • Philippe Gelin (European Commission, DG CONNECT, Luxembourg)
Session 8: Closing
11:45 A sneak peek at META-FORUM 2021
  • Georg Rehm (DFKI, Germany)
12:00 End of META-FORUM 2020 Day 3