Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

Lingsoft Solutions as Distributable Containers

Short Name: LSDISCO
Name: Lingsoft Solutions as Distributable Containers
Coordinator: Michael Stormbom, Lingsoft, Inc.
Project Runtime: 12 August 2020 – 11 June 2021
Funded by: European Language Grid
Lingsoft is one of the leading providers of language services and solutions in the Nordic countries. Our services are built on our own language technology tools, either proprietary or based on open source tools. The project goal is to provide our tools and services through ELG by packaging our tools for spelling/grammar, speech recognition, subtitling, named entity recognition, and machine translation for distribution as Docker containers, and making them available through the ELG GRID platform.
The project will result in a set of NLP tools for the Nordic languages being available both for public organizations and companies, allowing companies and public organizations throughout Europe to efficiently incorporate Nordic language support in e.g. subtitled videos or customer service chats.