Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

European network for Web-centred linguistic data science

Short Name: NexusLinguarum
Name: European network for Web-centred linguistic data science
Coordinator: Jorge Garcia, University of Zaragoza
Consortium: University of Zaragoza, National University of Ireland, Technical University of Madrid, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Athena Research Center, University of Economics Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague, KNAW Humanities Cluster Spinhuis, University of Vienna, University of Stirling, University of Aveiro, K Dictionaries
Project Runtime: 28 October 2019 – 27 October 2023
Funded by: European Cooperation in Science and technology
The main aim of this European COST Action is to promote synergies across Europe between linguists, computer scientists, terminologists, and other stakeholders in industry and society, to investigate and extend the area of linguistic data science. We understand linguistic data science as a subfield of the emerging “data science”, which focuses on the systematic analysis and study of the structure and properties of data at a large scale, along with methods and techniques to extract new knowledge and insights from it.