Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

European lexicographic infrastructure

Short Name: ELEXIS
Name: European lexicographic infrastructure
Coordinator: Dr. Simon Krek, “Jozef Stefan” Institute
Consortium: “Jozef Stefan” Institute, Lexical Computing, Institute for Dutch Language, The Sapienza University of Rome, National University of Ireland Galway, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Belgrade Center for Digital Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Bulgarian Language Lyubomir Andreychin, New University of Lisbon, K-Dictionaries, Institute for Computational Linguistics «A. Zampolli», Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab, University of Copenhagen, Trier Center for Digital Humanities, Institute for Estonian Language, Royal Spanish Academy
Project Runtime: February 2018 – July 2022
Funded by: European Commission
The project aims to integrate, extend and harmonise national and regional efforts in the field of lexicography, both modern and historical, with the goal of creating a sustainable infrastructure which (1) enables efficient access to high quality lexical data, and (2) bridges the gap between more advanced and lesser-resourced scholarly communities working on lexicographic resources. To enable access to lexicographic data, it develops strategies, tools and standards for extracting, structuring and linking of lexicographic resources. The results will broaden the scope of application of high-quality lexicographic resources to a larger community, including the Semantic Web, artificial intelligence, NLP and digital humanities.