Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

Development of Slovene in a Digital Environment

Short Name: DSDE
Name: Development of Slovene in a Digital Environment
Coordinator: Dr. Simon Krek, University of Ljubljana
Consortium: University of Ljubljana, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, “Jozef Stefan” Institute, The Institute of Contemporary History, University of Nova Gorica, Amebis, d.o.o., Aikwit d.o.o., Alpineon d.o.o., Slovenian Press Agency, d.o.o., University of Maribor, Post of Slovenia, VITASIS d.o.o.
Project Runtime: May 2020 – August 2022
Funded by: European Regional Development Fund, Slovenian Ministry of Culture
The project aim is to develop language technology resources, tools and services for Slovene. The results of the project are aimed at companies, research institutions, and a wider public. Topics covered are: (1) upgrade of corpora used for LT, (2) speech technology, (3) semantic technology, (4) machine translation, (5) terminology portal, (6) development of long-term LT infrastructure. It is financed by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture, Slovenia from European Regional Development Fund.