Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

Conferences and Workshops

On this page we will announce and document events organised by the ELG project or events in which ELG plays an active role.

In addition to the annual ELG conferences and smaller workshops, hackathons and other outreach activities will be organised and announced here.

  1. 1st International Workshop on Language Technology Platforms
    IWLTP 2020 – Co-located with LREC 2020
    Marseille, France

    With the increasing number of platforms, grids and infrastructures in the wider area of Language Technologies (LT), NLP, NLU, speech, interaction and language-centric AI, there is also a growing need for sharing experiences, approaches and best practices to benefit of the work of others’ and also to start collaborating towards platform interoperability. This workshop is meant to be a forum that fills this gap. Among its key topics are platforms and infrastructure architectures, containerisation and virtualisation technologies, APIs for applications and services, data and metadata exchange formats, operational policies and governance structures, legal aspects, billing and business models etc. Check out the Events page and learn more about the Call for Papers, important dates and paper submissions.

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  2. ELG Tutorial 2020: How to ingest your Language Technology service or data set into the European Language Grid
    Co-located with LREC 2020
    Marseille, France

    The tutorial is relevant for participants from industry or research/academia who develop Language Technology services in the form of application-ready prototypes (including written and spoken). Accordingly, general familiarity with NLP, NLG or speech applications, first experience with containerization-related technology (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm etc.) as well as general programming and software development experience is helpful. Participants are requested to bring their own laptops, ideally with Docker and Python installed. If available but not necessary, participant scan bring their own LT services which can then be made available through the ELG platform.

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  3. QURATOR 2020 – Conference on Digital Curation Technologies
    Berlin, Germany

    One of QURATOR’s goals is to establish the Metropolitan Area Berlin/Brandenburg as an international centre of excellence for the development and use of certain technologies. ELG, aiming at becoming the primary platform for LT in Europe, can serve as a perfect link to represent QURATOR and its services to the public. This cooperation was elaborated in the keynote given by Georg Rehm on 20 January at the QURATOR 2020 conference.

    Details QURATOR 2020

  4. META-FORUM 2019:
    Introducing the European Language Grid,
    Brussels, Belgium

    META-FORUM 2019 is the international conference on powerful and innovative language technologies for the multilingual society, the data value chain and the information market place. In addition to the popular agenda of the past years, this year’s META-FORUM offers the unique opportunity to take a first look at the newly developed European Language Grid. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what’s new in the LT landscape and mark your calendar. Updates will be available soon.

    Details META-FORUM 2019

  5. ELRC Conference,
    Helsinki, Finland

    ELG will be represented on the 4th ELRC CONFERENCE that focuses on shaping Europe’s multilingual future through sharing of language data.

    The event will feature a variety of interesting talks and panel discussions that provide a critical analysis of challenges and it will present corresponding actions and solutions.


IWLTP 2020 Marseille, France May 16
ELG Tutorial 2020 Marseille, France May 16
QURATOR 2020 Berlin, Germany January 20/21
ELRC Conference Helsinki, Finland November 26/27
META-FORUM 2019 Brussels, Belgium October 08/09
Digital Excellence Forum @ ICT Proposers’ Day 2019 Helsinki, Finland September 19/20
I’m AI Berlin, Germany September 16/17
ELSE-IF Karlsruhe, Germany September 09
TRG Zeitgeist Konferenz Berlin, Germany August 23
BDVA PPP Summit Riga, Latvia June 26-28
LT-Innovate Summit Brussels, Belgium June 24/25
SMART/INEA Workshop Showcasing the LT Agenda Brussels, Belgium April 26
SOIL-Tech Conference New Delhi, India Febuary 15
EC ICT Conference, LT Networking Session Vienna, Austria December 4
Smart Data Forum Berlin, Germany November 27
EC DG SCIC Lunchtime session on Digital Transformation Brussels, Belgium November 12
Dolmetschen: Neue Erkenntnisse und Entwicklungen Leipzig, Germany November 01