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Become an active member of the ELG Community – 5 simple steps for your organisation to join the European Language Grid

When you are reading this tutorial, you most likely have received a link from us that leads you to an entry of your organisation in the European Language Grid (ELG). There are many good reasons to have your company, research department or academic institution listed in ELG, the non-profit platform for Language Technologies in Europe. An overview of the ideas behind ELG and its many benefits can be found here. In this short five-step tutorial, we explain how you can take over (“claim”) your organisation’s page in ELG as your own. A brief step-by-step instruction can be found at the end of the tutorial.

To make things easier for you, we have taken the liberty to create a default entry for your organisation. This means that you do not have to set up a new page but can simply claim your organisation’s page so that you can modify it. We used public information to set up your page and invite you to edit your organisation’s page to make it complete, individual and representative by adding your logo, keywords and contact details. An edited page could look like this:

Screenshot of the ILSP organisation

The first step is to be logged into your ELG account. If you have not registered an ELG account yet, here is a guide on how to create it. An important note: An organisation’s ELG page can only be claimed by one user, so it would be ideal if you used your professional email address and ensured that you are the right person to do this for your organisation.

Once you are logged in and have your organisation’s ELG page open, click the “Claim” button in the top right corner. This sends an automatic message to us and we will validate your request. Afterwards, you receive an email from us that confirms your request, which also unpublishes the organisation entry from the ELG. This means that it can now be edited by you.

Screenshot of an organisation page

When you enter the “My Grid” section, which is found in the top right corner next to your name, you will find your organisation’s entry under “My items”. Here, you can edit the page, add further information and list contact details. Once you are finished, you submit the entry for publication. Our ELG team will do a quick technical check and re-publish your organisation’s page to the European Language Grid.

Screenshot of the my Grid section with the claimed organisation

Newly claimed organisations are frequently featured in a short profile in our ELT Newsletter, which has more than 4,000 readers, and will soon also be highlighted on the frontpage of the European Language Grid. So don’t wait and join the European Language Grid with your organisation and become part of the European non-profit network for Language Technology services, resources, companies, research organisations and users.

How to take over your organisation’s page in short:

1. Log in or register to ELG (please use your professional email address)

2. Open your organisation’s page and click the ‘Claim’ button (top right) – the ELG team validates your claim and informs you via email

3. Open your organisation’s page under ‘My items’ in the ‘My grid’ section

4. Edit your organisation’s page

5. Click ‘Submit for publication’ – the ELG team will then publish your page