Towards the Primary Platform for
Language Technologies in Europe

Second Open Call for Pilot Projects closed with 103 submissions

The second ELG open call for pilot projects was closed on 30 November 2020. In total, 103 project proposals were accepted for evaluation with applicants from 28 countries.

We received slightly more project proposals from SMEs (60) than research organisations (43). The majority of the proposals focus on contributing resources, services, tools, or data sets to the European Language Grid platform to increase its coverage (66), while there are 37 proposals developing applications using language resources and technologies available in the ELG platform.

All proposals will be evaluated by three independent experts and by the ELG Pilot Board. We expect to announce the results of the evaluation and selection process by mid-February 2021. The selected projects will start in March 2021.

In both calls combined, we received 213 project proposals from 156 different institutions (86 SMEs, 70 research organizations) coming from 32 different countries (including 9 eligible countries outside the European Union). Total requested amount is more than 30 mil. EUR, whilst available funding amounts 1.95 mil. EUR.

As in the first open call, we are happy about this enormous interest in the European Language Grid and the Language Technology topic in general. Good luck to all proposers!

For more information on the ELG open calls, don’t hesitate to contact us at